YMCA Fall Festival 2016

ASDA committee members got into the spirit of Halloween as they volunteered at YMCA Fall Health Festival this past weekend. They organized some exciting games & activities, and provided Oral Health Instruction- all while handing out awesome prizes, toothbrushes, and toothpaste! Some of the creative activities included: “Pin the Tooth on the Dracula” and “Fishing[…]

RUASDA Community Outreach Update

On Friday (1/22), Roseman ASDA members hosted a movie night at the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City. Passing out popcorn and watching Inside Out with the kids was lots of fun! On Monday (1/25), Roseman ASDA performed oral health presentation at The Road Home. We were able to teach young kids without permanent homes the importance[…]

Utah Food Bank: Final Update

This year’s Utah Food Bank was a great success!! We had the most total donations since we started donating 2 years ago. We were able to collect a little bit over 1,000 items. The D1s started really strong and seemed impossible to beat, but the D2 strategy of hiding the donations until the last day[…]

Utah Food Bank: 9/30 Update

It’s about half way through the Utah Food Bank food drive, so let’s check on the progress. The D1s are taking a commanding lead and seems like they called out every class with no answers except from the defending champion, the D3s. The D3s are trying, but not even close to the commanding leader D1s.[…]